Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unacceptable Practices That Go On Anyway

It struck me today that Americans are putting up with some ridiculous practices by business today, and I can hardly believe there hasn't been a revolt. Two I thought about today:

*The ubiquitous phone tree you get when calling for service, that all companies seem to be using now.
Even small companies who clearly need to establish that they are 'all about service' sometimes use them, which really makes me shake my head. The odious practice of never offering to connect you to an operator seems to be growing as well. Yeah, I know you can surf around on the internet and try to find how to defeat these trees, sometimes just by hitting zero, but I do not think we should have to do that if zero doesnt work. And don't get me started on the systems that make you say words without an option to hit a number instead.

*Parking garages that charge to park but do not have attendants. I can't believe it is coming to this, and brother I am totally against it. I feel I have had at least one close call where I hadn't somehow satisfied the system that would open the gate and lucked out getting an attendant anyway. And at Union Station, we were surprised recently to find that there was a screwy method of paying to get out with no attendant in sight. I noticed every person in line to pay at this machine had a look of horror on their face, wondering what kind of hell they were about to go through if, say, their credit card wouldnt work when swiped .

Today I was treated to various phone trees with a credit card problem. Stay tuned for a post about how to be prepared to use the Nuclear Option when dealing with those folks.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Reports from the US say Mr Shahzad recently returned from a five-month visit to Pakistan. "

What an enormous Red Flag it is when these people go back to their countries. Each and every one of them gets recruited by their radical elements it seems.

Why are we making citizens of people from countries where they hate us anyway? Diversity Freak Elites ought to be hanged!

See the link of course. Un-American as it may seem to be, we have to be immensely stupid not to be following up on each and every person traveling to these countries. And, yes, especially for those born there and, yes, especially if Muslim. Sorry.

"Reports from the US say Mr Shahzad recently returned from a five-month visit to Pakistan. "