Saturday, April 26, 2014

Face Time with A Bear

Last night it was time to take the dog out for one last chance to take care of any business she had to do. As we headed out the front door Sophie made a funny noise. Certainly not a bark - more like a 'woof' but kind of stifled. I knew something had her going; I had a flashlight and shot out there, figuring I'd get to see a deer. 

I had been about 10 feet away from a bear that had knocked down our bird feeder. I didn't take this picture, but this is pretty much what I saw with a flashlight [of course it was dark out].

I was pretty excited, Sue tells me. The bear thankfully wanted no further acquaintance and was running away pretty much just like you see here.

We also learned Sophie probably will not make a good bear dog. She was not ready to tear into any such critter, thank you very much. If you get the sense that this looks like a pretty good size bear, well, it was really a pretty good size bear from what I could tell.