Sunday, July 14, 2013

Children of the Night

Wow, no new post since the move. Privacy concerns really kicked in, I think.

You know, we really aren't all that far from town. A small town, yes, but 2 miles of driving gets us in to enough traffic to be a hassle. On the other hand, it is quite a bit more wild and wooly than we have been used to. A wilder and woolier home than any was when I was a kid, too. Signs of deer and turkey out back, a place to fish and canoe/kayak as well. The river is way downhill, though, turns out only one fishing hole so far is practical, I think.

The birds are different here. Cardinals, bluejays, crows and robins like Arlington, but I'm not sure I've seen an English sparrow yet; nor a finch.  Brown thrashers instead of mockingbirds mostly; a catbird or two. We had phoebes when we first got here, but they seem to have moved on. Currently there is a bird that has taken its place somewhat with the calls that I haven't identified. You almost never saw the phoebes either, but that 'fee-bee' call is hard to miss.

The 'wildest' development so far: we have coyotes. First inkling I got was spotting one in a field while walking back from a path to the river. It let me walk up on it pretty close, which worried me a bit about its health. I had no gun with me. It soon spotted me and then took off in 'yikes!' fashion; I guess I was being just quiet enough and downwind too. I was kind of thinking then, though, maybe a guy should have a gun with him around here.

Well, I didn't think this was a good development. Sure enough the next night or so we hear some howling. Wolf-like; but you could tell it wasn't wolves. I have seen no more coyotes, but the rain we have been getting has kept me indoors too. The howling we still hear once in a while, maybe 2 out of 3 nights. I'm a little embarrassed to report that Sue is not the only one to find it creepy. Or maybe eerie is the right word. 

We joke that they are "the children of the night", using a creepy voice. If you are up to date with Dracula movies, there often is the scene where the guy is trying to visit Count Dracula in Transylvania, and on the way has a harrowing experience with wolves. But on complaining to Dracula later when safe, the Count can't seem to see the problem. "What sweet music they make". 

Check it out on youtube: