Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hunting Humor

Check it out here.

You need the sound on.

The joke is not explained, but I think it is pretty obvious. The guy is so serious, it's delicious.

Another one. Need the sound again.

No sound needed this time.

Risky Investments Department

If I understand this, looks like T. Boone Pickens is taking a bath with his wind ideas. I can sympathize, losing some money back in the last energy crisis trying to invest in energy alternatives. That was a real 'ouch' as I had little to invest. But it's just risky to invest in something so connected to commodity prices. I'm thinking the drop in oil prices is killing him.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The TV Viewer's Dilemma: Who to Vote For?

Well, first on a while back, it was clear to the TV viewer that this Obama/Osama guy was totally suspect. Can't vote for him, we learned, he's not black enough. Then, he rolls a gutter ball as soon as it's down the lane 5 feet when he tries to bowl, and that's a concern he might not be Polish enough. On the other hand, he can sure shoot some hoops, and that's what our guy is supposed to be good at. Oprah has confirmed him black enough now after seeing that.

McCain was too creepy from the start, laying on that bed in black and white with the creepy look. All the commercials ending with the creepy smile, even now, both Obama's ads and his own ads. Has a creepy wife too. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Halloween comes, though, that could put him over the top just before the election. Any kid who shows up in a creepy McCain mask at my door, though, and his 'Halloween bump' could backfire on him with me.

Sarah was supposed to get us with the librarian look, ala
The Music Man, if you've seen that musical. In case you were worried about her, that business of being a witch got driven out of her with the exorcist thing [actually the TV viewer might have had to go to you-tube for that one]. But then she was too easy to make fun of on Saturday Night Live and seems finished.

Biden, Mr. Gaff-0-matic, is busy living up to his reputation. Otherwise, Sarah has made that goofball look like a good choice. We may see an African witch doctor show up and work on him, too, I'm suspecting. Then the demon that causes the gaffs to blurt out will be driven off and Joe may have the edge.

The vice-presidential candidates are in a exorcist-off, and until that's resolved, the TV viewer just has to go by the candidates themselves. Looks to me like it's coming down to Halloween and the Oprah show.

Health Care and the Election

The election is upon us, and seems like with the way the economy has gone down the tank, this has distracted the public focus away from the candidate's positions on health care. I have wanted to blog about health insurance for some time, but I have hesitated to do so for a number of reasons. In particular, I really seem to be the Lone Ranger when it comes to ideas about how to reform it. Again, I have decided to mull it all over more and it'll have to be a future blog. One thing I seem to be deciding: if empoyer-provided is going to be our system outside of Medicare and Medicaid, true reform may be impossible.

I got this far and thought I'd pass it on.
I checked it somewhat and Web MD seems to have the best comparison on the candidate's positions on health care. Health 08 is more comprehensive but gets over my head pretty quickly.

For what it's worth, here is something else I came across.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This required verification by snopes dot com. Go to the video.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Gunn City Revisited?

Wall Street Fat Cats lined up and this gun in my hands? Would a jury convict me?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

How to Ruin the U.S. Economy

According to Ben Stein who says it here.

The buzz amongst some is that it is indeed the Hedge Fund folks who are causing the stock market to be unable to "find the bottom" as I like to say. John Edwards types can't take it and are pulling their money out like crazy.

I'd like to think the buy-and-hold types like most of us are getting revenge. At the moment, it's hard to cheer. Or know the best thing to do. Certainly, the thing to do is *not* pull your money out!