Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Lonely Cat Who Plays Too Rough

Our cat Callie gets mighty lonely sometimes when we are gone. In fact even if one of us is home, but no one is playing with her, she will sometimes let out an awful yowl. This has even happened when both of us are home!

So we think she would like for her little friends, the birdies, to play with her when she goes outside. But word has it, she just plays too rough! We were ready to believe, nobody will play with her. [You can forget making friends with another cat.]

Which makes something we witnessed very funny. We are outside in the patio; Callie too. But she apparently is a little miffed that we aren't coming inside, as it is time for her din-din. So she has her back turned to us; this is supposed to give us the message. Well, turns out a young cardinal we had been watching had evidently at some time gotten a taste of this 'playing too rough'. The next thing we know Callie, with back turned, gets dive-bombed by this cardinal. It happened super fast, hard to know what happened exactly, but I don't doubt a good hard peck was delivered. We were stunned, really. I have seen crows and maybe jays willing to get feisty, but I don't think I have ever seen a cardinal do something as brave as that!

So turns out her little friends will play with her sometimes, if they can play a game that suits them!