Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Can a Greenie be a Safety Nazi? Maybe not!

Yep, turns out there are some things we should have known about the notion of saving the planet by buying hip light bulbs. I have to admit, it bugged me to see that roughly 100 watts was the highest equivalent that seemed to be out there for the new fluorescent bulbs. And you don't want anything to make you hesitate when you are paying extra. In the meantime, looks like we get to see a civil war between Safety Nazis and Tree Huggers.

The below is some highlights from:

Is everybody going to be happy with what they see when using fluorescent bulbs?

Not unless there are some significant improvements over the fluorescent lights available in the marketplace today. The New York Times did a comparison of the quality of light from 21 bulbs, including 14 compact fluorescents. The results were not encouraging. They found that the response of the testing panel went the range from a collective groan to enthusiasm at what they saw.

Are there other concerns?

Yes, cleaning up breakage and recycling are challenges because of the mercury in fluorescent bulbs. Since the mercury can be a health hazard, you need to use care before cleaning up a broken bulb. Everyone, including pets, should leave the room, and don't let anyone walk through the breakage on the way out. Open the windows and let the room air out for at least 15 minutes before attempting to clean up the mess. Also, shut off the central heating or air conditioning system so you don't get residue in the ducts.

Recycling also is a challenge because you should not just place them in your regular trash. Unfortunately, at this point recycling can take some effort on the part of consumers [blah blah blah] [are you kidding me?]

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