Monday, March 17, 2014

Sophie the Wonder Dog

Perhaps you've heard we got a new dog. 

Boy did we get lucky. She is really just a wonderful dog who wants nothing more than to please. Younger than we first thought, due to an incorrect sign at the ASPCA, really still a puppy at one and a half years. An Australian Cattle Dog [probably mixed breed].

As advertised she is spayed, housebroken, and good with cats. I often say Callie the cat could not ask for a better dog to deal with. 

The training we have done with her has gone really well. She learned to sit almost immediately, although the first few times I tried to teach her this command I had to pull her legs out from underneath her. After about a day, she had it down. I suspected teaching her to "go lie down" would take about 3 weeks, but it was more like 3 days. She takes to this very well and sleeps all night in her own spot; I typically get up before her and if it is still dark, she just "sleeps on" till daybreak. Like some teenager, she "ain't getting up yet."

So it is truly Sophie the Wonder Dog. I thought you might need a picture.

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sfw4514 said...

Sophie and Callie have figured out it is better to coexist than to go hungry. I usually prepare their dinner bowls at the same time. Sophie waits patiently on one side of the kitchen island, Callie on the other. Finally, I put down Sophie's dinner bowl then do Callie's "where does it go?" dinner. Whew. It used to be after her din din, Callie raced upstairs for a little nap. Now she comes into the living room where Carl and I are enjoying pre-dinner cocktails and jumps onto the window sill while Sophie sits on her pillow. It's as though Callie doesn't want to miss out on anything. Yup, there have been some changes around the Williams' residence on Maury River Road.