Saturday, August 16, 2008

Virginia Tech Lawsuits Revisited

Berry picking thoughts are in eclipse, and now back to ranting. [g]

My next posts may be about my experiences with the medical community. If so, let's start out with the psychiatric division. I wouldn't go near these people with a ten foot pole. I truly believe that in future times that the practice of subscribing so many drugs for so many things will be considered the scandal of our day.

Think that the parents who brought lawsuits over the Virginia Tech shooting were out of line? I thought so, but check out the link and come to your own conclusions. I'm starting to feel a little sympathy for those parents if they knew these allegations.

Here are some highlights:

"Almost certainly, the police were hampered in taking appropriate actions by being encouraged to view Cho as a potential psychiatric patient rather than as a perpetrator. It's not politically correct to bring criminal charges against someone who is "mentally ill" and it's not politically correct to prosecute him or to remove him from the campus. Yet that's what was needed to protect the students. Two known episodes of stalking, setting a fire, and his threatening behavior in class should have been more than enough for the university administration to bring charges against him and to send him off campus."

"How would a police action have affected Cho? Would it have humiliated him and made him more violent? There's no way to have certainty about this, but anyone with experience dealing with threatening people knows that a good dose of "reality," a confrontation with the law, is much more of a wake up call and a deterrent than therapeutic coddling."

Thank God for people like Breggin.

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