Sunday, August 10, 2008


I don't think I posted this before, a "wanted" poster for wineberries.

Item 2: Marsha sent a link explaining the concern about the raid on the Berwyn Heights mayor. The link I sent around was too lame, sorry.

I looked and looked for a you-tube or other video for the skit Dave Chapelle's old show did that was a spoof on Law and Order. But the premise was, "what if" the police conducted white collar crime arrests the way they do drug busts? It served as commentary on race relations, too.
I really thought of the skit when this news came out. They shoot the dog and otherwise terrorize the white couple in a manner reminiscent of the raid in the news now. Meanwhile, in role reversal in the skit, Chapelle plays an Af/A drug dealer who is mollycoddled. If you saw it you will remember in the end he joyfully takes the "Fif" over and over again.

There is some evidence that the skit is out there on the internet, somewhere if ever so briefly. I did find some sites where it has been "yanked." Warning, if you come across the video but have never watched Chapelle, the show can be pretty profane and just plain gross. Sorry I couldn't come up with it. Remarkable that basically Chapelle warned the police that they should never make this mistake, yet here they have done just that.

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