Saturday, September 13, 2008

Berwyn Heights Raid update

The Link will take you to a speech by the Mayor. Ironically, I think he could really benefit from this if he has further political ambitions.

Wow! is RealPlayer outdated now in the age of youtube or what?? Trying to watch this has been frustrating for me. RealPlayer was always some kind of user-unfriendly, fairly useless monstrosity to me. I see it hasn't changed a bit.

I hope you have better luck, perhaps this will show up on youtube and it can be watched there. In the meantime if you have the same problem I did, getting stuck in "buffering", try moving the advancement bar around.


Louise said...

Do you edit the html to hyperlink or use the blogger feature to do it? Because I can tell you how to hyperlink via html, and that might actually work for you.

Carlw4514 said...

I use the blogger toolbar and not "edit html". you can see that my toolbar came back. When it goes away, so do my "images"

Maybe I should learn your method

I am certainly pleased you follow my blog so carefully, Louise!