Monday, September 29, 2008

Something Stinks...

Don't think that politicians aren't at the bottom of the current financial problems. Some links:

Keating Deja-vu for guess who

Remember a 2003 $11 billion accounting fraud at Fannie Mae? Very Interesting, Frankly, so to speak.

And I'm not a Gingrich fan but this is worth reading.


Louise said...

So now it's the president's responsibility to tell U.S. citizens which companies to invest in (according to the Bill O'Reilly article)?

Also, I disagree that McCain gained ground by wanting to fly back to Washington and get involved in the bailout process. I've read some negative feedback on that.

I read your blog fairly regularly because I do find it interesting. You post different things than most of the other blogs I read.

I'll send you an e-mail about the html. It's easy.

Marsha said...

Oh for gosh sakes. Yes, it is only the Democrats who take money from lobbyists. Uh huh. May I point out that many people on McCain's staff were lobbyists for Fannie and Freddie. My reaction is so what. There are lobbyists and they throw around money and they work in Washington. As if Newt Gingrich never met a lobbyist he didn't like. Baloney. Can it be stopped? No! It is called the First amendment. The only way to stop it is to punish the politicians who went along with the lobbyists by tossing them out. Will that happen? No! Incumbents rule. So it is a system that will not change. It happened. It is done. The best we can do is put back into place the regulations and actually enforce them. Lobbyists cannot stop regulations although they may work at writing them. But there is a lot more leeway or control in an agency. They are not really owing to anyone.

And President Bush should have said watch out don't invest in AIG? How is that part of the free market? I have never seen a group of people run around trying to point fingers as hard as the conservatives on this issue.

They are ALL at fault. Each and every last one of them. Chris Dodd just as much as Phil Gramm. George Bush and Clinton. They bought into the free market crap to the point of no return (no pun intended).