Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Leonard Kyle Dykstra Phenom

Go figure. Nobody could be 83-0 in anything right? Actually, I'm guessing that claim is exaggerated, but even so, this guy has had a pretty amazing second career.

"Since retiring from baseball over a decade ago, Lenny has opened a chain of car washes that he sold for $52 million (what?), started a magazine that tells rich athletes how to spend their money (seriously?), and launched his own investment newsletter that charges subscribers $1,000 a year to receive his personal advice (excuse me?)"

My best guess is that this is the phenomenon of what might be called the "Perspective of the Lottery Winner". Odds are Dykstra is just getting lucky like that lottery winner, nonetheless he can now take that to the bank while he gives us doubters the Bronx Cheer.


Louise said...

Sounds like insider trading to me.

sfw4514 said...

Was he a Maverick, too?